Total Built up Area – 120 000 sqr.m.
Design solution: commercial area, restaurants, corporate offices, apartments, hotel, parking area;
Architects: D-aRch-Studio partnered with “Gravity Design” Ltd.

The commercial and residential complex will be a composition of six buildings. The highlight of the composition is the 100m high (25 storey) centre structure. The main function of the building – a commercial and office area – is harmonized by the use of glass as the dominant material. The other buildings of the complex will also contain commercial areas in their ground floors, those near the high-rise structure will have an administrative function and those in the northern section of the plot will offer residences. In addition, development of a luxury business hotel is planned for the western section.The project solution also plans all the rooves to be designed as planted gardens. The inner spaces between the buildings are also designed as planted park compositions with small architectural forms and water areas which will visually enrich the ground floor area.

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